Ocean is life. We protect it.

Clean Ocean Fiber is powered by FiberLink.

Is a B2B business, an adaptive tech process builds in any spinning mill for large-scale production on-demand.

Intellectual proprieties well protect with secrets. With the best Brazilian - Italian textile, chemistry engineers, Ph.D. Toxicologist and marketing team.

"FiberLink is the future of yarn processing for faster prototype creations in Fashion."

84.000 garbage trucks filled with micro-fibers, in USA and Canada, are released into the oceans each year. This is equivalent of a line of trucks from Paris to Milan.

Using FiberLink can save 800 years of microfiber pollution

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FiberLink avoids a massive fiber release. Delivering a great comfort, long life and circular consumer wearing. A technological solution for any kind of textile product. 

"With my 30 years in the fashion industry, I have never come across a higher quality yarn. Will be the new European quality standards."


Tested and validated by
industries and consumers

How to fix it?


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2020 sustainable fashion award winners


 The ten finalists of the Fashion District UK 2021

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  Accelerated by Shell - 2021.


Accelerated by SBC Fashion Italy -  2022

"To be sustainable must be for all. We live in the same back-yard"
Fernando Marin

Clean Ocean Fiber Tech CEO


FiberLink creates two yarn families

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High technology family of 100 % natural finest and noble raw material.

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A chemical Recycled Family yarn. Closed-loop Chemical recycled industrial is the best and only circular management solution.

FiberLink can reduce the environmental impact by 800 X.



The Nuts and Rice are the quantities of microfibers released  per Kg.

New science Vision for Fashion
Image by Rogério Toledo

Take action with us, be a part of the change.

Let's build a more sustainable  fashion together